Wharton Women’s Summit 2016
Like a WOMAN. Like a LEADER. Like a BOSS.

September 22–23, 2016
The Union League of Philadelphia

Welcome to the Wharton Women’s Summit 2016

We are excited to welcome you to the 18th Annual Wharton Women’s Conference on Friday 23rd September at the Union League in Philadelphia. This year we’re celebrating all of the Lady Bosses out there by providing a unique opportunity for business students, alumnae and professionals to engage with distinguished speakers from a wide variety of industries and professions. Our diverse range of panels and keynotes touch upon some of the most important challenges facing women today as we continue to break stereotypes, conventions and glass ceilings. We hope you all have the opportunity to engage in this discussion and leave the Wharton Women’s Summit feeling #LikeaWoman, #LikeaLeader, #LikeaBoss.

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